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PanicX Send a Text Message Fast!

PanicX USB Button Features:


There are many cool things you can do with PanicX. Here is a brief explanation of some of the features:


Are you a receptionist and need to discreetly get someone to come up front to help you out? Just press PanicX. You can send a custom text message for help and to up to 3 cell phones in seconds.


Do you have a nosy co-worker or boss who always walks by your workstation and looks at your computer screen? Just press PanicX. It will instantly popup a simulated spreadsheet.

Are you frustrated and feel like you want to relieve some stress? Just press PanicX. It will create a nuclear explosion with sound. Click HERE for an example.

You can also mix any images and sound files for your own fun creations. Click HERE for an example.

Click HERE for a complete view of the PanicX USB button.






Purchase the fully featured PanicX software and USB Button combo for $39. Also included, a red decal for the "F7" keyboard key. (USB Button, software CD, and red decal will be shipped.

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  • Requirements Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7


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